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 School uniform policy (PDF 521kb)


AGS Pty Ltd has taken over the sale of school uniform at Bunyip Primary School and this will be done by Leanne. AGS Pty Ltd  is an Australian company who have been a leading Victorian uniform supplier for 25 years. The garments are well made, good quality that washes well and hard wearing.


From the week commencing Monday 5 February, Leanne will be selling uniform on Monday and Thursday 8.30-9am and 3.30-4pm. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or eftpos. Uniform purchases will no longer be charged to your school account.


AGS uniform order form (PDF, 415kb)


If you are unable to come to the school during the above opening hours please leave your completed order and payment at the school office and your order will be filled (during the above times) and delivered to your child's classroom.

School bags

School bags are available to be purchased from AGS Pty Ltd (as above) and provide appropriate space and support for children, however they are not compulsory.



Items sold at the office

 The following items are available to purchase from the office at anytime:

  • Summer hats
  • Winder beanie
  • Scarf
  • Art smocks
  • Library bag

BPS uniform order form (PDF, 548kb)


Summer hats

In line with our sunsmart policy (PDF, 276kb) the school uniform 'bucket' hat must be worn for all outside activities from September to end of April. Outside activities include outside class activities, sports lessons, lunch and recess times. No hat means no participation.


School hats are available for purchase at anytime from the school office.


Library bags

Library bags are provided by the school to ensure all school books are cared for in an appropriate manner.