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Kinder to school transition

At Bunyip Primary School we try to make your child's entry to school as easy as possible. As part of this program we have organized several events to make this transition the best that it can be. These visits are intended to familiarize the children with school buildings, playgrounds, teachers and other children.

Week beginning 17 July

All of our Prep students and teachers will be visiting the Bunyip Kinder to have lunch with the Kinder students


Week beginning 7 August

Kinder students and teachers are invited to walk down to Bunyip Primary School and enjoy eating lunch with this year’s Prep students and  teachers. They can then stay and play with our Prep students on the playground.

2.35pm Monday 4 September

Kinder students will visit the school with their parents. Our School Captains and a current Prep teacher will meet you under the hall verandah at 2.35pm, take you on a tour of our school and share a healthy snack from our canteen.


12.25pm Friday 13 October

Parents and Kinder students will be met under the hall verandah at 12.25pm. Children will meet the current Prep teachers and join in Friday Fun Time from 12.25pm – 1.30pm with our Prep students. Kinder students can then stay for lunch from 1.30pm - 1.45pm.


2.35pm Monday 23 October

All Kinder students and parents are invited to visit our school. We will meet you under the hall verandah. This time the children will meet some Senior School Students who will be there to help them when they start school next year. While the children are getting to know the older students, parents are invited to share afternoon tea with our Parents and Friends Group. Our Business Manager, Mrs Whyatt, will talk about uniform, fees and Office procedure.

3.05pm - 3.30pm Friday 10 November

Kinder families are invited to attend our Friday afternoon assembly. Grade 5 Buddies will sit with their Kinder friends and enjoy assembly together.


2.35 - 3.15pm Monday 20 November

Spend time with the Prep Teachers. This time children will spend some time with next year’s teachers. We will meet you under the hall verandah and parents are requested not to stay!


1:30 – 3:15pm Tuesday 5 December

Parent Information Session and afternoon tea with the teachers.

  • Kinder students bring a wide brimmed hat and lunch with you.
  • Parents drop your child off at 1.30pm
  • Parents to return at 2.30pm for our Information Session

Information session

  • Find out your child’s teacher for 2018
  • Jane Guy, Transition Coordinator, will outline the Specialist Programs for 2018
  • Meet our Principal, Ms Jenny Dowsett

Kinder to school transition (print version, PDF 1.4MB)


Find out how to enroll your child


Uniform price list and policy and important information about hats.

Vision, values and policies

The purpose of Bunyip Primary School and the vision for student learning at our school. Our policies are regularly reviewed and updated.

Out of school hours care

After school care and vacation care are offered at Bunyip Primary School