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Our School

Bunyip Primary School provides the best possible learning environment for all students and maintains a continuing emphasis on:

  • improvements in literacy and numeracy
  • continuing professional development of all staff
  • commitment to student leadership, developing and expanding programs roles for our Senior students
  • the use of learning technologies in classroom program
  • positive and consistent school wide approach to discipline

Bunyip Primary School, established in 1880, draws its students from the small local townships and surrounding farming areas. The student population at the school is 190 (May 2022).


Vision and values

Bunyip Primary School vision and values (PDF, 446kb)

The two statements outline what we believe the purpose of Bunyip Primary School is and the vision for student learning at our school. The three values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience are key values we wish to instill in all our students. These values are unpacked in detail in a school matrix and are taught explicitly to all students. The values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience are the key expectations we have of how everyone in our school community will be expected to treat others or be treated.

Child safe and respectful relationships

Everyone has a right to feel safe and know what to do if they don't.

Policies and reports

Our policies are regularly reviewed and updated.

Meet the Principal

Principal Jenny Dowsett


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  • develop self-disciplined, questioning and caring students
  • encourage children to reach their individual potential and experience success at school
  • provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum
  • support a positive, safe and friendly environment
  • encourage parents, teachers, students and the community to work together as a team to further develop and improve the school
  • provide equal opportunity for all members of the school community
  • encourage responsibility, independence, problem solving, active learning and creativity
  • prepare students for future success in learning and life by building on their strengths

 Education environment

  • a quality, sequential seven year program in all learning areas
  • composite and straight grades
  • library, science, physical education, art/craft and literacy support

We also make great use of appropriately trained parents in program delivery, especially during literacy programs.


Special features

  • School Wide Positive Behaviour Promgram (SWPBP)
  • Better buddy program
  • Peer activity leadership (PAL) program
  • iPads in the junior school
  • Netbooks in the middle and senior school
  • Junior red cross
  • Student representative council
  • Breakfast Club
  • Sensory room

School infrastructure

  • 8 class rooms
  • art/craft room
  • science room
  • fully automated library
  • large school hall
  • computer learning centre
  • multi-purpose room
  • basketball, netball, bat tennis courts
  • spacious gardens and grounds, including two ovals and cricket nets