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Message from the Principal: Stage 4 restrictions and changes to learning

With the new restrictions in place we now need to change the conditions around who can attend on site at school for their learning. Up until now, we have tried to be as flexible as we can but the new restrictions are far more limiting.

Therefore, your child can only attend on site for learning if:

  • You are a permitted worker and there is no adult at home to supervise your child. Your child can attend each day that you are working. If one parent is a permitted and the other parent is at home, children are expected to be at home.
  • If your child is a funded PSD student.
  • If your child has been asked to attend as a vulnerable learner.

On Fridays we will only have children of permitted workers on site. As we exceed the expected hours of planned learning Mondays to Thursdays, we have kept Fridays as a catch up day for students. Teachers will be on line for attendance checks and zoom calls Friday mornings, and then they will be off line planning the next week of work, checking work and collating hard copy learning packs. Students are to use Fridays to catch up on any unfinished class work and specialist lessons.

We have had a number of students attending for mental health and well-being reasons. These students will need to move back to learning at home, unless they meet the above criteria. The Health and Well-Being section of our school app will be used to provide supportive activities and teachers will be adding a health and wellbeing focus lesson into their programs. We understand that this may be difficult for some families, however it is important that we stay in line with Stage 4 restrictions – if you can learn at home, you must.

Parents who work from home are also required to now have their children at home to supervise their learning.
For those families who have children on site at school, we ask for your support in ensuring you abide by stage 4 restrictions. Many of our staff are worried about being exposed to the Covid-19 virus and you can increase our level of safety by following the rules.

If your child is now moving back to at home learning, you can phone the school to collect their locker tubs any day this week. If you find that you now need a device, you can also phone or send a message via the App to request a device.
We appreciate your support and understanding with these changes. While many parents find it difficult to supervise their children’s learning, this is necessary to reduce movement of people in the community. As a school, we will be doing our absolute best to support our students and families.

This change in provision of education will undoubtedly increase the stress levels for many families. If you need extra support, please just call or email us for assistance. I would ask that you keep this communication respectful and in work hours. (Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm).



Media release - temperature checks to be introduced in Term 3

The Hon James Merlino MP, Minister for Education media release states daily temperature checks will be introduced in schools across metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire as part of the Victorian Government’s effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.


Full media release: Temperature checks to be introduced in Term 3 (PDF, 213Kb)


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